TMD 224H: Final Presentation Assignment

This is something new that I am trying because students in the previous class asked to learn about what other students were doing in class. But, to not just rehash what is in the wiki, I’ve added a group component and a theme to be worked out to tie together the groups. For the final presentations, you will be given 25 minutes MAX for your presentation. Here is what I’m thinking the presentations should include: 1) a title slide that includes the presentation theme I’ve alluded to in the group titles below, as you interpret it for your presentation, and presenters’ names; 2) an introduction slide that outlines what will come in your presentation; 3) each student must create and present to the class their own object research, by completing 1-2 slides summarizing their research, which will be included in the larger presentation. The group will pick a presentation design and work on the group slides together, but the individual project slides will be your own individual production, and you will be graded on this portion of the presentation individually. I’m thinking no more than 3-5 minutes/student in the individual section; and 4) 1-2 slides addressing the presentation theme as you’ve interpreted. Now the work for this will have to be worked out as a group and how you present it is up to you. I’m not a huge fan of group projects, so will try to manage the grading so that no one can be a slacker and think they will get a good grade based on the hard work of others. This is one of my personal pet peeves. Thus, you will be graded by me, and by your peers, those in the audience and those that you worked with. There will be grading rubrics handed out, and those of you in the group will grade how the others in your group held up their part of the presentation, more to come on the grading part. Prior to the day of presentation, upload your power point files to sakai so we can retrieve them from there.
We will draw group names to see which group goes which day. I suggest you practice your complete presentations before you come to class and present, so do not leave this to the last minute. I have high expectations for these presentations; they are not just day fillers. So plan accordingly.

Tuesday April 22, 2014
Group 1:
Group 2:
Thursday April 24, 2014
Group 3:
Group 4:
Tuesday April 22, 2014
Group 5:
Group A: Ingenuity
Brenna Calderara—Tire Sandals--Guatemala
Katie Coleman—sabots—France
Sarah Visintainer—birch bark shoes—Finland
Jessica Phu—Chile—woman’s head strap

Group B: Identity
Lucie Taleb Ragunda--boys leather 1940 Tsarouchia—Greece
Caitlin Green—knitted Socks—Yugoslavia
Brittni Harvey—wool hat--Turkmenistan 1961
Emily Racicot—Keffiyah—Syria

Group C: Indigeneity
Alexya Vieira—Nootka bag
Reilly Hayes—beaded hat—German
Molly Jaffe—moccasins
Maghan Balantyne--Chullo

Group D: Technique
Syreeta Rohain—mirror work bag
Katherine McGonigal—mola
Patrick Condon—belt—Guatemalan
Amanda Aust—moire embroidered bag

Group E: Status
Kanya Shah—Japanese Hair Ornaments
Nicholas Rommel—Chinese Qing Dynasty Hat
Emily Durning—Mother of Pearl Inlay clogs
Danielle Cerbo—gold 20th C shoes