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January 20, 2016

I am looking forward to teaching this class this semester with the new organizational structure that I put into place in Fall 2015. In my fall regular section, I made significant changes to the course and reorganized the different items of dress in the Ethnic Dress book into thematic blocks: social status, gender, ethnicity and race, sub-cultural style, politics and nationality, and religion. As is commonly known, items of dress engage many areas of culture; therefore, they can be discussed in many different ways and changes of emphasis. By organizing the class along topical lines, we have been able to be more flexible and creative during the semester, introducing in class exercises that complement the discussion with current events, magazine analyses, and other participatory assignments. From semester to semester, I can also add and delete different object from the text and move them to different areas of the course, to keep it fresh. This new organizational structure has also allowed a perfect opportunity to bring in objects from our Historic Textile and Costume Collection to the large class. Before each exam, we choose and show objects in our collection that were discussed during that section of the class and use it as an opportunity to review the material. Students have been very receptive and engaged during this review and show and tell, providing a opportunity to engage majors and non-majors with the collection. Some small changes will also be introduced into the wiki writing and research project to provide more opportunities to assess and respond to student work. I am including the rubrics for the wiki research and writing assignments below. I will be teaching a regular and honors section this spring. The regular section will not be writing wikipages this semester, something I piloted in spring 2016. While there was some interesting outcomes, the logistics of a writing assignment in a wiki with a large section outweighed the benefits. The in class exercises introduced in fall 2015 were much more engaging and will be continued this semester in the regular section.

As this wiki begins to grow, so must its navigational sophistication and my own understanding of this process. To simplify matters, I have added this organizational page for the course materials in a manner that makes sense to me, and provides you a link to the individual course material pages. We are heading into the 4th rendition of the TMD 224: Culture, Dress and Appearance Honors section this spring (2016), and this semester I am again using Ethnic Dress in the United States: a cultural encyclopedia. This book's editors are Annette Lynch and Mitchell Strauss. A bit of a disclosure. I participated in this project as a contributor, but am not financially benefiting from its adoption.

TMD 224 Honors Spring 2016

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