Objects have been collected for the HTCC since the 1950s. On this page, you will find links to pages students in the Spring 2013 TMD 224 Honors class created related to the donors of the objects they researched. Currently, you will find just 3 pages in this public wiki, though the students created several more. These include: 1) that discusses the role of purchasing in our collection and others; 2) a donor page that has been reviewed by the donor, and 3) a summation of a donor family that was included as part of a thesis conducted by a graduate student in the TMD department. Because our donors are so important to us, before the other pages are released, we feel it is important to review the information and provide living donors or their family members, if locatable, the opportunity to review the information that will be posted. When additional pages are ready, I will include them here. Our donors are a part of our history, and a celebration of them is central to my conception of this wiki. Also, through them, we learn about the history of URI, Rhode Island and beyond. In terms of connecting objects to donors. From a donor page, you will be able to link to all of the objects in the wiki that are associated with that donor. In addition, from individual wiki pages, if the donors name is highlighted, you can click their name and be taken to their donor page. The intent is to develop multiple ways of engaging the information provided in this wiki.


Collections and Purchasing

Donation and Donors:

Elsie Brindle Brown and Susan Brown Smith

The Perrin Family